“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…”

We, the People!  Note where the burden of responsibility was and still is placed, it is on We, the People.  We, the People will decide on an historical course for our nation in the next few weeks.  Many are fasting and praying for the decisions that will be made.  It is appropriate that we do. 

I have been involved, for the past couple of years, with an organization called The Proud Americans.  It is a politically conservative organization that proclaims the traditional values of God, Family, and Country that made this nation great.  I have been blessed and honored to speak, not only at church events, but all manner of events, including state-wide political events.  I have learned something very frightening during my travels.

Only about half of the people who call themselves Christians in this country, are registered to vote.  That means about 30 million of the 60 million or so “named” Christians are on the sidelines when it comes to electing people that represent the Christian view of marriage, life, and freedom.  That, to me, is an appalling statistic.  We, the People, doesn’t include half the Church?  Surely not!????

I have become weary of hearing pastors (who are educated to know better) proclaim that the Church has no right to speak to political issues.  Tell that to Nathan, Isaiah, Peter, and Jesus Himself.  I hear much noise from them and others, that our Constitution separated Church and State.  No it did not.  What is guaranteed is that we will never have a State Church (such as the Anglican).  The Constitution and the men that wrote it never intended that Christians stand down and never bring their world-view to the debate.  We, the People includes, actually expects, Christians to lead the way and be the conscience of our government.

As I speak in various churches, I encourage people to vote every time they have the opportunity.  Christians must participate.  I have never, would never, and don’t encourage anyone to vote based on party, personality, race, denomination, or “likability.”  I will encourage a vote, and will personally vote for people who share my Christian world-view and will work to advance it.  I will also do everything in my power to defeat candidates who do not.  We, the People bear the responsibility of electing worthy officials.

What a candidate believes about the definition of marriage matters to me.  What a candidate believes about when life begins matters to me.  What a candidate believes about freedom of speech and what defines “hate speech” is critical to me.  And those things are fundamental to We, the People.

The sanctity of life and marriage being between one man and one woman are not societal inconveniences, they are Biblical standards, truths.  Any politician who would “change” the truth of the Bible does not belong in a position of authority.  We, the People won’t allow it happen if we are true to our responsibilities.

But what do We, the People do when neither candidate “feels” right?  What do We, the People do when it seems that there is much to dislike about both candidates?  What do We, the People do when one candidate supports one issue appropriately and the other candidate supports another issue appropriately?  There are two things We, the People must do.

First, be informed.  One cannot even pray if not informed on the issues.  If you vote a straight party ticket – either party – shame on you, and don’t complain about anything because you have not voted from an informed basis.  There are scalawags in both parties (and some independents as well) who do not deserve your vote as a believer.  Don’t vote for them!  You must read, listen, watch, talk, discuss, debate, and learn about which candidate will uphold the values we hold dear.  Whether on a national level or local level, it matters not.  We, the People must know for whom we vote.

Second, and critical for We, the People, PRAY.  Seek God’s direction and wisdom as you vote.  He has promised that when we lack wisdom and pray, He will provide it to us.  But when you pray, make time to listen.  Talking “at” God is not prayer.  Ask, seek, and be still.  He will speak to your spirit in that “still small voice.”

It is, “We the people”, that put men and women into office.  It is “We the people” that have the power to replace them if their service has been unacceptable to “We the people.”

“We the people” means the family, the neighborhood, the local community, the Township, the County, the State, the Nation, and, most importantly, The Church.  When “We the People” humble ourselves, pray, seek His face, turn from our wicked ways, then He has promised to hear our prayers and change our circumstances (Miller’s paraphrase of II Chronicles 7:14).


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